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The globalist plan to exterminate humanity begins now: “Useless eaters” must be eliminated, say globalists – Dave Hodges

The globalist plan to exterminate humanity begins now: “Useless eaters” must be eliminated, say globalists - Dave Hodges

Far past the distractions of political bickering and cultural developments, the large, massive image that’s unfolding throughout our world proper now’s a plan to exterminate 90% of the present human inhabitants so as to “save” the planet and shield what globalists see as the way forward for human survival on a cosmic scale.

This plan is beneath approach now due to two essential developments:

#1) The rise of robotic techniques that may exchange human labor, eliminating the necessity for a world of impoverished human staff whose solely cause for existence — from the viewpoint of the globalists — was to be exploited for reasonable labor and manipulated votes.

In the event you aren’t but conscious that robots are changing human labor, you’re approach behind the curve. As this Zero Hedge story exhibits, heavy obligation robots are already being launched that may substitute human labor in development and different comparable jobs.

Critically, the rationale Democrats and globalists are prepared to substitute low-wage people with robots is as a result of robots will be granted voting rights. As soon as robots are granted voting rights underneath the justification that AI is “conscious,” Democrats may have no extra want for people, migrant waves or Third World populations. They may merely program all of the robots to vote Democrat in each election… which, initially, isn’t removed from what’s being achieved proper now with human voters.

#2) Entitlement payouts to people are draining authorities assets that globalists consider ought to be spent on area colonization, area weaponization, quicker-than-mild (FTL) journey know-how and different unique tech methods that may defend human civilization towards cosmic threats.

Sponsored answer from the Well being Ranger Retailer: Lab-verified Nascent Iodine answer is a dietary complement that gives your physique with supplemental iodine to assist shield your thyroid throughout radiation publicity. Nuclear accidents corresponding to Fukushima (or nuclear struggle) can expose your physique to radioactive iodine-131, a harmful radioisotope. Pre-loading your system with secure iodine occupies the iodine receptor websites in your organs, inflicting your physique to naturally expel radioactive iodine you’ll have been uncovered to via air, meals, water or milk merchandise. This defensive technique is really helpful by almost all well being authorities, worldwide, together with the Nuclear Regulatory Fee. Uncover extra at this hyperlink.

Thanks to the socialist insurance policies of Leftists, so many individuals at the moment are amassing entitlements that governments now see the plenty as an unsustainable monetary burden. If the plenty have been eradicated, governments that have been on the trail to monetary insolvency might out of the blue obtain balanced budgets and stay solvent (quite than collapsing beneath countless debt spending). That is very true when contemplating the robotic alternative of human staff, provided that robots acquire no welfare, meals stamps staff comp, sick days or retirement advantages. As soon as robots can substitute all the advantages of human labor with out all the prices related to human entitlements, the globalists will in a short time speed up their plan to exterminate what they see as “excess humans.”

(See my full, accompanying Counterthink video under, which explains this in additional element.)

A part of the elitist justification for all this rests on the truth that globalists consider Earth is a weak planet for a number of causes, together with area climate occasions (asteroid strikes, photo voltaic flares, and so on.) in addition to the human depletion of pure assets. The elimination of 90% of the human inhabitants, they consider, is important to forestall the planet’s assets from being consumed by “useless eaters” as an alternative of being redirected into unique analysis tasks that may shore up the survival of the human species and shield towards cosmic occasions that, proper now, might wipe out humanity right away.

Particularly, globalists consider that Earth’s elitists must:

  • Colonize different planets so as to diversify the survival odds of the human race. Finally, this colonization must transfer past our photo voltaic system and construct human worlds close to different stars.
  • Construct quicker-than-mild journey methods to colonize planets orbiting different stars inside our galaxy.
  • Construct unique planetary protection techniques that shield Earth from assaults by different civilizations that they know inhabit the cosmos.
  • Obtain breakthrough leaps in Synthetic Intelligence, quantum computing and supplies science that allow, for instance, the development of area elevators — a essential breakthrough for lifting supplies into orbit to help the development of human colonies on Mars and elsewhere.

The present state of affairs the place Earth’s governments are spending the overwhelming majority of their wealth paying for “useless eaters” to proceed dwelling and reproducing isn’t a sustainable state of affairs, globalists consider. Thus, they see the extermination of 90% of the human inhabitants as a vital evil so as to save the world and save humanity on a cosmic scale. (It virtually reminds you of Thanos from the Marvel universe, a strong cosmic being who travels across the universe exterminating half the inhabitants on every planet he encounters, all within the identify of sustainability.)

In essence — and this isn’t my viewpoint, however theirs — each greenback that’s at present going to feed a meals stamp recipient, course of a migrant or finance the retirement of a former authorities employee would be higher spent on colonizing Mars, the globalists consider. All their present speak of advocating for migrants is merely a means to overthrow sovereign nations, get rid of borders and set up international United Nations management from which international depopulation can be directed with out resistance from unbiased nation states (i.e. Trump is the enemy).

One coming battle, by the best way, will be between this UN-directed international authorities and communist China, which is about to face its personal financial and environmental collapse. Brexit can also be enjoying a task right here, throwing an enormous delay into the globalism plan.

How globalists plan to exterminate 90% of the human race

The extermination plan rests on the “accidental / on purpose” launch of an engineered bioweapon viral pressure. Such bioweapons supply a number of distinct benefits to extermination efforts, from the viewpoint of globalists:

1) They don’t seem to be traceable and are simply launched into the inhabitants with full anonymity.

2) They’re self-replicating. As soon as the preliminary inhabitants is contaminated, there’s no want to manufacture extra as a result of mobile physiology runs the replication mechanically.

three) They exploit the pure social construction of human societies. Individuals will mechanically unfold the virus as a result of individuals like to be round different individuals. Only a few individuals are utterly remoted in trendy society.

four) They permit globalist governments to declare “pandemic emergencies” and mandate mass vaccinations which, in fact, will be laced with further bioweapons to speed up the pandemic die-off. As extra individuals grow to be contaminated from the vaccines, governments will mandate mass vaccination as an “emergency” public well being initiative. Those that comply will be contaminated. Always remember that the mass polio vaccinations of the 1960s and 70s have been laced with most cancers viruses. This was admitted by the CDC for many years, proper up till a couple of years in the past when the CDC scrubbed its web site of all such historical past. Additional supporting this realization, UN-authorised vaccines administered to ladies in Kenya have been exhaustively examined in science labs and confirmed be laced with infertility chemical compounds designed to scale back the inhabitants of blacks. See additionally this story with additional particulars.

5) They have a tendency to extra aggressively goal low-wage populations and Third World populations, attaining one of many key objectives of the globalists which is to wipe out the “useless eaters” as they see them, whereas sustaining the highest 10% of the human inhabitants to perform the science and innovation that globalists see as essential to shield Earth. In impact, the globalists are finishing up Adolf Hitler’s eugenics “utopia” on a worldwide scale, however as an alternative of merely six million individuals being exterminated, the globalists search to remove greater than six billion individuals.

The different benefit of bioweapons, from the perspective of globalists, is that they don’t destroy the ecosystem in the best way that nuclear weapons do. Since a part of the objective right here is the extermination of people with out damaging the ecosystem, bioweapons grow to be the apparent selection, they usually may even be tweaked to goal particular races corresponding to South People, Africans or Europeans.

International immune system suppression is beneath approach to put together humanity for the bioweapon assault

For bioweapons to succeed of their aim of exterminating 90% of the human race, people must have their immune techniques suppressed prematurely of bioweapons publicity.

This plan is already nicely beneath method.

Immunosuppression is definitely completed by way of a number of vectors described under. Listed here are just some of the methods that is being finished proper now:

#1) Biosludge mass contamination of soils and the meals provide. See my upcoming movie Biosludged, which launches Nov. 28th. You’ll be able to watch your complete movie free of charge at The trailer is posted right here:

#2) Poisonous drugs and poisonous vaccines – Almost all of the prescription drugs now consumed by westerners are biologically poisonous. Most trigger immune suppress in a method or one other, and lots of lead to dietary deficiencies that additional weaken the human immune system. Flu shot vaccines are scientifically confirmed to weaken immune response in subsequent years, which means anybody who takes vaccines is extra weak to bioweapons. This isn’t a coincidence. It’s a international IQ check to see which people are silly sufficient to commit suicide by way of injection whereas calling it “medicine.”

#three) Poisonous meals provide laced with neurodegenerative chemical compounds and immunosuppressive chemical compounds – The human meals provide is deliberately laced with poisonous chemical compounds that impede mind perform, immune perform and fertility. These chemical compounds, referred to as pesticides and herbicides, are deliberately designed to intrude with key neurological or physiological features, in any other case they might not kill different dwelling organisms resembling bugs. The incontrovertible fact that they’re designated as pesticides is proof that they kill dwelling organisms. Most individuals don’t understand this, however well-liked breakfast cereals akin to Corn Flakes are made virtually completely out of elements which are registered with the EPA as “biopesticides.”

#four) Propaganda assaults on vitamin: The complete pretend information media complicated continues to denigrate the significance of immune-enhancing vitamins comparable to vitamin D, zinc and selenium, figuring out that gullible information shoppers can be satisfied to keep away from nourishing their very own our bodies. Those that consider the company-run information cartels are committing dietary suicide, turning to Huge Pharma as an alternative of supplementary vitamin, inflicting them to develop into weak in each physique and thoughts. That is all by design: Weak-minded individuals are simpler for the data-propagandists to manipulate and management. And the very last thing they need is individuals acquiring the power to operative with cognitive readability and presence of thoughts.

#5) Chemtrails. This can be a very controversial topic. Not each contrail within the sky is a chemtrail, however it’s a easy scientific proven fact that “global warming” scientists are nicely into the method of altering the environment utilizing what they name “geoengineering” experiments. The very topic of chemtrails used to be derided as a conspiracy principle, however now it’s brazenly explored by scientists within the identify of reversing local weather change. See Geoengineering.information for protection of a few of the present experiments being carried out by college and authorities scientists. In accordance to some analysts, the substances being “amended” into the environment additionally serve to suppress human immune perform.

#6) The promotion of immunosuppressive sexual behaviors involving a number of companions and anal penetrative intercourse. This level offends the simply offended, however the promotion of homosexual life involving unprotected intercourse with a number of intercourse companions additionally creates the speedy transmission of blood borne illness. That is precisely why the homosexual group is at present experiencing an epidemic explosion in anal most cancers, which the left-wing media is desperately making an attempt to sweep underneath the rug and fake isn’t occurring. See this text on Outbreak.information for extra particulars of the anal most cancers cowl-up (and the determined safety of anal penetrative sexual promiscuity by the LGBT propagandists).

#7) The deliberate international debt bubble collapse is being engineered proper now by the central banks of the world. One of many fascinating outcomes of that is the plunging of first world nations into monetary destitution, which final promotes infectious illness and dissuades entry to medical care. Proper this very second, the streets of San Francisco are suffering from human feces and drug needles. The medical implications of the monetary collapse of cities into feces-ridden filth hubs ought to be apparent. Impoverished cities and nations are cesspools for the unfold of pandemics. Monetary collapse is only one small a part of the very massive image.

The backside line is that the trouble to soften up your immune system is nicely underneath means. Ensure to do precisely what the anti-human media tells you to do and maintain taking “your” flu shot. Your obedience to this quack science ritual is required to ensure that you to “serve” the pursuits of the globalists by eliminating your self from the human gene pool. The sicker you’re, the extra simply you’ll be able to be killed off within the pursuits of “saving the world.”

Options: The biggest act of resistance towards eugenics is present in herbs, vitamins and wholesome dwelling

In a approach, globalists are operating a planet-extensive IQ check for humanity: Anybody silly sufficient to hold taking vaccine photographs, popping drugs and avoiding vitamin might be not certified to characterize the way forward for humankind, they determine. On that exact level, they could not be flawed.

The protection towards the worldwide pandemic is straightforward and available: Increase your well being with herbs and vitamin, and you’re much more possible to survive the planet-vast culling of 90% of the human inhabitants.

In anticipation of this, I’ve created just a little-recognized web site based mostly on chopping-edge trendy science and drugs analysis. It’s referred to as NaturalAntibiotics.information, and the location covers each plant-based mostly antibiotics in addition to anti-viral phytonutrients that may additionally assist shield you from viral pandemics. (Observe that antibiotics alone don’t hurt viral strains. Anti-virals are vital for that.)

I additionally publish Herbs.information, which paperwork the scientifically-backed proof on tons of of medicinal herbs, together with anti-viral and anti-bacterial herbs. Many of those herbs can be grown in your personal backyard, which means which you could actually develop your personal anti-pandemic drugs at house, with out permission from any physician, drug firm or authorities.

During the last a number of years, I’ve additionally constructed a multi-million greenback analytical analysis laboratory operating a number of mass-spec devices. The lab is ISO accredited, and we use the lab to produce the world’s cleanest provide of dietary dietary supplements, superfoods and inexperienced dwelling merchandise for residence and well being. Right here’s a current photograph of me giving a tour of the QQQ (triple-quad) mass spec instrument that we use for quantitation of pesticides and herbicides (a full video tour of the mass spec evaluation course of is coming quickly).

The lab-verified merchandise we provide to the general public are discovered at, the one vitamin producer and on-line retailer on the earth which lab-exams each uncooked materials and each manufacturing lot. We’ve probably the most strict heavy metals limits on the planet, which is why tens of hundreds of consumers who’ve survived most cancers, coronary heart illness, diabetes or different illnesses store at our retailer to discover extremely-clear meals that help their therapeutic journey.

Avoiding publicity to poisonous chemical compounds and heavy metals can strengthen your immune response to viral infections. Clear meals, clear water and clear air is the reply to making it via the worldwide assault on humanity that’s now beneath means. (Learn for extra tales on clear meals.) Should you aren’t but consuming clear water, consuming clear meals and avoiding poisonous chemical compounds within the meals provide — be positive to purchase natural the place attainable — you’re enjoying proper into the arms of the globalists who can’t wait to remove you (and other people such as you) from the planet.

Right here’s the complete video rationalization that accompanies this story:

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